December 12, 2016

The 2015 models are on the way just in time for winter. The new Beta's will feature the inverted ignition of the 2014 factory edition and the normal suspension, ignition Etc. changes. The Sherco's now have a blue frame and a list of ongoing improvemnets. Here in Colorado there is still a lot of riding options but the snow level directs ultimately where we will go. Upcoming events can be found at or by clicking on the "LINKS" page. 

Other news, the FIM outdoor trials season has wrapped up with yet another title for Tony Bou. Tony set a new world record in the amount of titles this year with a total of eight striaght. And although the rules have been changed to even the competition a little bit it seems that there is no one out there that can beat him on a regular basis. As long as he stays healthy and motavated it seems that it's still his game.